Inverter Technology Training
This course on inverter driven mini-split units will also include the multi-mini system. The following topics will be presented clearly from a contractor/technician point of view. This course will identify the major components and discuss the diagnosing and replacement of the components. Since all inverter circuits are the same for air conditioning, this is a generic course tha will apply to any inverter product mini-split, VRF, or standard unit. We will show you how to diagnose a system using a good meter.

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Special Training:

Training can be arranged to meet the needs of your company or organization. Providing a proper training room and refreshments will facilitate a discount. Quantity discounts can apply in some circumstances. To make arrangements please contact us by e-mail or telephone at:

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The Main Topics Are: *

Inverter Technology

* Communication

* Frequency Control

* Controlling Units with Thermistors

* Trouble Shooting and Use of a Meter

* Proper Sizing and Installation

* Customer Service

Fudamentals of VRF

This course will build on the inverter technology course. This will go into systems with manifold piping, branch boxes, and heat recovery. We will cover the information you need to specify units, layout the system, install it and have it commissioned. Again it is a generic course and will apply to any brand.

Continuing Educational Units

We are a certified provider of continuing educational units (CEUs) in the following states:

Florida 1268 Mini-Split Technology

Kentucky HVACCEP0078 Mini-Split Technology

Alabama Mini-Split Technology 4 hours

We are a provider for NATE in all states and we will be giving these classes in states that do not require CEUs. Please check our course schedule or you can schedule a class for your organization or company.

The main topics are:

Project layout

Manifolds, Branch Boxes, and Heat Recovery Boxes

Proper Piping Methods

Coordinating with Supplier.