Mathew Frederick

Mathew Frederick, author and instructor of this training, entered into the field of air conditioning at the age of seventeen. He constantly progressed in the field and experienced just about every kind of air conditioning and refrigeration. He worked on small window units as well as commercial custom built systems with site built air handlers, and chiller systems with cooling towers. In the area of refrigeration he has worked on household and commercial refrigeration. Not one piece of equipment that had a refrigeration system has evaded his curiosity and not one so large has baffled him. He has worked on small restaurant ice cream machines and coolers as well as warehouse size systems and grocery store systems for major chains. He currently holds a Florida State “A” HVAC License and an Associate Degree in Electronics. He has attended as many seminars as possible and has received certifications which include Liebert Systems and Copeland Compressor School.

When the opportunity became available Mathew became trainer for the mini-split air conditioners for a world-wide manufacturer of air conditioning systems. His territory was the entire United States. He had to develop his own training material, as very little was available because of industry fear of technology theft. Due to his systematic investigative approach he was able to unravel the secrets of the mini-split that even the designers did not realize in a few instances. He then became manager over technical support for the mini-splits but he felt his talents are better utilized as a trainer.

Being that Mathew has had many years of experience as a contractor/technician, he is equipped to present information that is beneficial and practical in the field. Due to his enthusiasm for the HVAC field many have found his courses very technical, timely, and presented in a clear and understandable manner. Engineers and other industry experts have had some of their questions answered by Mathew as well his questions answered by them. They hold him in high regard as he them. We think you will have the same respect for the depth of his knowledge that is provided in his courses.

Macie Frederick

Macie Frederick’s expertise in installation, customer relations, and teaching will complete the technology of the courses. She started in the air conditioning business in 1987.

As a partner, she managed the office. Due to her interest in mechanical things and the lack of good help she became proficient in making duct work, and installations then progressed to service calls. She worked with Mathew Frederick and due to his exuberance for the HVACR industry she was personally taught by his description of every part, screw, wire and its function.

She was a member of RSES and continually educated herself. She has over two years in the sciences and business.