Mini-Split Technology: The Dawn Of A New Era

The mini-split air conditioners have been here in the United States around 20 years. This technology is very different from what most contractors and technicians have used in the HVAC industry. These duct free systems are more sophisticated electronically and uses an inverter technology for efficiency. Also each segment of the system communicates with the other. This is “The Dawn of a New Era” for air conditioning.

As this technology progressed to be used in larger systems such as the multi-mini and the variable refrigerant flow system, it became more widely used here. The efficiency, zoning capabilities, quietness and ease of operation is quite appealing to many consumers from residential to commercial. Now, the sun is shining brightly and we are approaching “High Noon”! American manufacturers are incorporating this technology in their standard systems. They, too, will be producing inverter driven and communicating machines.

It is our mission to educate as many people as possible in the HVAC industry about the mini-split technology. Many have attended sales presentations where they have learned some things, but we promise to give up- to- date technical instruction. First and foremost are the contractors and technicians, but architects and engineers are invited as well. It is most important to get this education as air conditioning has changed. It is not difficult, but it is a new way of thinking and approaching these air conditioning systems. The HVAC industry is definitely in a new era and this technology is here to stay and moving forward.

Special Training

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Continuing Educational Units

We are a certified provider of continuing educational units (CEUs) in the following states:

Florida 1268 Mini-Split Technology


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We are a provider for NATE in all states and we will be giving these classes in states that do not require CEUs. Please check our course schedule or you can schedule a class for your organization or company.